9 Most Searched Health Questions On Google In 2018

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9 Most Searched Health Questions On Google In 2018

Post by Kikie » 28 Dec 2018, 21:51

Google has suddenly become an overnight Doctor for many people. Whenever people need answers to health questions, Google is the next place to search.
Even though we know that Googling health-related symptoms is not advisable, people still check the search engine giant for answers.
In 2018, people searched for several health questions. Some of the popular ones are questions relating to Keto diet, ALS and Endometriosis.
In this article, we have come up with the list of most searched health questions on Google in 2018. This list as released by Google is based on health queries data collected between January and Mid-December 2018.
9 Most Searched Health Questions On Google In 2018
#1. What Is The Keto Diet?
The question “What is Keto Diet”? is one of the most searched health questions on Google in 2018. It actually a puzzle to many people when they see people suddenly lost pounds of weight.
Interestingly, whenever you ask them the secret of their weight loss. Keto Diet is the response. This will generally trigger someone to search for the meanthe ing of Keto Diet.
For knowledge sake, the Keto diet triggers the ketosis process. The ketosis is actually a process that allows the liver to convert fats into ketones. And the body will use the ketones for energy instead of glucose.
This ketosis process, when done correctly, will enable the body to burn fat and lose water weight.
Unlike the popular belief of most people, the Keto diet doesn’t burn fats alone. It also improves the skin and serves as an important treatment protocol for diabetes.
#2. What Is ALS Disease?
The ALS Disease is also among the most searched health questions in 2018. ALS disease is a medical condition that affects the nervous system. When somebody is suffering from this disease, the nerve cells of that person will destroy over time.
People became curious and want to know more about this disease in May 2018. This was shortly after Stephen Hawking died of the disease that same period.
After Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 21, experts predicted he was going to live for a few years. Fortunately, he lived for another 55 years before he finally died at the age of 76.
#3. What Is Endometriosis?
Endometriosis is also one of the most searched health questions on Google in 2018. Before now several people probably haven’t heard of this medical condition.
However, when celebrities suffering from this condition spoke about it, people started searching for it on Google. Trust me, Dr. Google will always provide you answer.
By the way, Endometriosis is a medical condition in which the tissues that normally line the Uterus grow outside the organ. Celebrities like Halsey, Lena Dunham, Gabrielle talked about how the disease is affecting their fertility.
#4. How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Urine?
It is no longer news that several States in the United State legalize Marijuana in 2018. So, it is natural for people to ask certain questions regarding the use of marijuana and likely health effect.
This is why it became one of the most searched health questions on Google in 2018.
Ordinarily, weed affects the brain and body in different ways. And these effects vary from one person to another. This explains why some people run mad after taking Marijuana while others will take it and still feel alright.
Weed can actually stay in the urine for more than 30 days depending on how often you use it. In fact, experts of the opinion that if you use weed every day, it can still be detected in your urine after three months.
#5. How Long Does Flu Last?
This is one of the most searched questions on Google. According to the Centers From Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 80000 people died of flu and its complications in 2017.
This is obviously the highest number for over four decades. With such a large number of death rate, people will naturally start reading about flu. And people suffering from it already will want to know how the disease will last.
According to experts, no one can actually specify how long the flu last in the body. This is due to certain factors like; when the patient started feeling the symptoms, how severe the flu is and the patient’s health.
#6. how Long Is The Flu Contagious?
People also want to know how long the flu is contagious. The reasons for this is to prevent people around them from being infected.
Generally, the flu is most contagious within the first four days of the illness.
#7. When Does Implantation Bleeding Occur
This is also among the most searched questions on Google in 2018. Off course, this query comes mostly from people who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.
Implantation bleeding occurs within 14 days of pregnancy. And it is one of the early signs of pregnancy.
#8. Why Am I Always Tired?
This is another popular question people often search on Google. Sadly, there is no specific answer to this question. This is because of the fact that several conditions can be responsible for it. The common ones are; vitamin c deficiency, poor diet etc.
#9. What Does Heartburn Feel Like?
People also ask questions about heartburn in 2018. Heartburn actually happens when your stomach acid flows back in your esophagus.
It is an uncomfortable burning feeling in the chest that can move up to your throat and neck.

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